Corrective Jaw Surgery

Orthognathic surgery refers to the surgical correction needed to fix substantial abnormalities of the:

  • Maxilla (upper jaw)
  • Mandible (lower jaw)
  • Or both

The abnormality may be a birth defect, a growth defect, or the result of traumatic injuries to the jaw area.

A fractured jaw causes pain and can change the way your teeth fit together. Very often, the mouth cannot be opened wide. There are also shifts to one side when opening or closing the mouth. Most jaw fractures occur in the lower jaw.

Fractures in the upper jaw may cause double vision and can lead to numbness in the skin below the eye. It could also lead to an irregularity in the cheekbone.

If an individual suspects a jaw fracture, the jaw should be held in place with the teeth together and remain immobile. The upper and lower jaws may have to be wired together. They will most likely remain wired for six weeks allowing the bone to heal. During this period of time, the individual is only able to drink liquids with the help of a straw.

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